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Useful Information - Puppies

Puppies have fast responses, are incredibly eager to learn new commands, and above all, they are just so cute when they learn to sit or lay down obediently when still only a few months old! Training a puppy is probably the most fun part of all canine training.

We all love puppies, but puppies are just young dogs, so many of the dog training techniques found on our website will help you with your puppy training. However, there are subtle differences between adult dog training and puppy training.

The differences are usually caused by puppies having a shorter energy reserve, a shorter attention span, and less developed intelligence than an older dog, so slight adjustments are needed during training.

We use and promote reward-based positive puppy training methods, and do not believe in any punishment whatsoever, though this does not mean a dog or puppy never needs 'corrective' training which is NOT the same thing at all. Our definition of punishment is the cruel act of 'making a puppy suffer your frustrations'. Whereas a correction is the act of HELPING a puppy to UNDERSTAND where it went wrong, clearly and calmly, as well as following that with positive training to show the puppy how to get it right next time.

Positive dog training methods are more important then ever during the puppy stages. All puppy training should be carried out in a fun, enthusiastic and excited way with attention paid to correct puppy care and handling methods. In doing so, you will set the future up nicely for your puppy to enjoy training as much as possible. One negative memory of training from a dog's puppyhood will affect the way the dog perceives all obedience training in the future.

Training puppies is something which becomes increasingly addictive and you will begin to crave it more and more. By training a puppy correctly and in very short bursts during the early stages of a dog's life you will cause your puppy to develop with a strong sense of desire for learning, and not just learning anything, but learning FROM YOU, the owner. This is great way to ensure your future dog ownership is as easy and stress-free as possible.

Train your puppy with 'quickfire' exercises and watch his eyes light up every time you train in future. This is what a dog was bred and born for, learning from humans, and then serving us in the desired way. All puppies love training, if done properly and with close attention paid to the puppy's energy levels and any indications of confusion and positive or negative stress signals.