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Useful Information - Dog Food / Diet

Dogs Food / Diet.
Feeding dogs and puppies is something many owners worry about greatly, and in my view this is a good thing.

With thousands of obese dogs in the UK, and many dogs which are on the opposite end of the scale being neglectfully under-fed, it is a subject which needs special care and knowledge in order to ensure that you are caring for your own dog correctly. Feeding a dog is not a case of just shoving the cheapest commercial dog food under its nose, in fact depending on the particular brand, this could actually be the very worst thing for you to do both for your dog and for yourself. Illness and medical problems invariably lead to increasingly high veterinary bills, so by taking your dog's diet seriously, you won't just reduce the chance of illness for your dog, but you could be saving yourself from large vet bills too.

The most important point is that you look very closely at the nutritional value of your dog's diet, and not just at "what it says on the tin". Any piece of food, whether human or canine, can contain a measured amount of anything, for example protein, but the amount of that substance which is bio-available (digestible) can sometimes be quite different. The level of bio-availability of any foodstuff is not something you can find detailed on a packet of food whether its for yourself or your dog.

As a general guide however, the less processing and machining through which a foodstuff goes, the better and more digestible it will be when it meets with your dog's stomach.

The choice is yours, but make it wisely and with the seriousness it deserves. Just because your dog licks it up in lightning speed does not necessarily mean it is 'good' for the dog, in fact more often than not it can mean the opposite thanks to the many flavourings and additives which are added to 'teach' the dog that he likes it so much and hence keep you buying the same brand.

Always exercise good dog ownership when it comes to choices of dog food, with just as much research and information as you can possibly obtain. In most cases when an owner does this, their decisions about what they feed their dog are somewhat adjusted, and not without good reason.