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Useful Information - Dog Care

Dogs Care.
Dog health problems are on the increase despite massively increased numbers of veterinary practices and medical treatments for dogs. Why?

I believe that whilst the availability of dog health care is increasing, general opinions of dog owners regarding what constitutes a happy (and therefore healthy) dog are not improving. They are getting worse. This is not a slur on people's love for dogs, quite the opposite, as many people believe that their dog means so much to them that it must live a similar lifestyle, eat similar foods etcetera. But this is not true.

The best way to LOVE your dog, is to know what he or she needs, from diet to exercise, from training to sleeping arrangements, and to do exactly what you know to be correct, not what feels most comfortable to you in your human view of the dog's life.

With fast increasing numbers of people choosing to treat their dog more like a human than a pet dog, the result is that dogs are suffering more emotionally than ever before.

Yes vets can treat all kinds of dog health problems these days, but this doesn't change the fact that dog behavior problems are sharply escalating and we find this extremely worrying.

The origins of dogs and their functions and purposes in our human societies are being forgotten and this is harming the lives and behavior of many dogs.

A dog is NOT a person, nor is it a substitute for a person who you may be missing in your life. A dog is a simple but logical creature which can not understand the reasons behind our treatment of it, it can only react and adjust its behavior accordingly, as best it knows how.

Dogs merely act upon instinct, and if we are not able to understand the basis and history behind these instincts then our dogs will truly suffer, as many do on a daily basis, and we are not just talking about the typical abusive homes, we are also talking about the many seemingly loving homes where the dogs are silently suffering frustrations of human life and having none of their own natural urges or instincts catered for.

To give a dog its own bedroom, to paint it all different colours and dress it up for our human applause is NOT a way to spoil a dog, it is a way to ruin it, though it might be a way to spoil yourself if that's what floats your boat. Dogs work on natural purposes and their health depends greatly on their state of mind and general contentedness.

Dogs were bred to work in one way or another for mankind. If you can find a way to give a purpose to your dog, be it fetching the paper or rounding up the sheep, your dog will ALWAYS be healthier, happier and more rounded as a canine character in every way. It will also be far more calm, controllable, happy and above all, healthy.