• “I first met Allan by chance on our dog walk with a rather exuberant and boisterous 'Murphy'. Allan introduced me to his Loose Leads dog obedience classes, and me and Murphy have since come on in leaps and bounds. We got our Gold Medal in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme in May 2010 thanks to Allan's input
  • We started doing Dog Agility in June of this year, and Murphy really enjoys doing the different courses which are set out each week. It stimulates both you and your dog and keeps both fit.
  • I would definitely recommend Loose Leads for you and your dog.Lynne Parker & Murphy
  • “I started training with Allan when Lucy was 5 months old, I had no control over her behavior she has extremely high energy and was trying to rule the roost with constant nipping and blotchy behavior.
  • What a difference in 4 months Lucy is so much better behaved in all areas and a pleasure to walk and frisbee with.
  • Lucy loves the agility and so do I as it makes her very tired.
  • I can honestly say this could have been a very different story had it not been for Allan's advice and constant encouragement..Carol & Lucy


We develop the bond between the owner and dog , which makes training a pleasure for you both. All ages and experience catered for in an safe outdoor realistic environment, which assists you to transfer your new skills into real life. Classes held in Derby and Derbyshire.

Training Dogs is a wonderful way to further develop the natural bond between humans and dogs. A trained dog is a content, balanced and happy dog. From the Doberman to the Border Collie, from toy dogs to sled dogs, all dogs offer the same basic level of understanding and ability to learn and this is something which any dog would appreciate you taking advantage of.

Without any basic obedience training, a dog may well still be a wonderful companion and friend for you, but how do you know that your dog is safe, and reliable in all situations? The answer is that you don't. By simply doing some fun dog training at least every few days, you are giving yourself and your dog the chance to flourish together. To know that your dog will lay down instantly at any time is a great comfort and a must if you want to know your dog is under control, as all dogs should be. You don't need to be a professional dog trainer to achieve this either. Just some basic knowledge of canine psychology and effective dog obedience training methods is all you need, and it's all here on the site.

Obedience Training

Dog obedience training is not about giving commands and pushing dogs to work hard instead of enjoy life, it's quite the opposite. The fact is that a dog working for a human is the most natural and fulfilled dog you could ever meet, canine instincts have developed over thousands of years to do just that, to work for us instinctively. This doesn't have to be in a strict vocational way, it could just be the game where your dog brings that tennis ball back to your hand instead of your feet, or fetching the morning paper from the door for you. Training dogs should be fun, enriching and bond-building for both of you, if it isn't, then you need to learn more about reward-based dog training for the benefit of both of you.

My Obedience Classes are run on Saturday and Sundays, please contact me prior to any training.

Agility Training

What is Agility Training ?
In its simplest form, it is obstacle course consisting of a set of standard obstacles, laid out and the dog must complete the obstacles in a given order.

Teaching a dog the basic execution of most obstacles takes only a small amount of time and simple training techniques; most dogs can be readily convinced to run through a short, straight tunnel to chase a toy or to go to their owner, for example. However, to compete in agility trials and to develop speed and accuracy, both dog and handler must learn a wide range of techniques for doing the equipment, performing sequences of obstacles, and communicating on course while running full out.

The teeter-totter and the weave poles are probably the most challenging obstacles to teach, the first because many dogs are wary of the board's movement, and the second because it is not a behavior that they would do naturally over a series of 12 poles. However, it can also be challenging to train the dog to perform its contact obstacles in a manner that ensures that they get paws into the contact zone without sacrificing speed.

My Agility Classes are run on Tuesday and Thursday evening, please contact me prior to any training.